Breakfast with Vice Chief of Naval Operations - Admiral Bill Moran

Interview with Admiral Bill Moran

10-13-17 - World of Aviation

For anybody who's interested, the current Vice Chief of Naval Operations (VCNO) ADM Bill Moran was on Al Malmberg's World of Aviation program last Friday night, Nov 13th. (WCCO Radio - 830 AM) The Admiral was in the Twin Cities this weekend to help us celebrate the Navy's 242nd Birthday. Al captures and posts Podcast's of all his on-air interviews, so if you have 40 minutes to listen, you can catch the ADM's one hour program interview. (sans commercials). He gave great insights into what the Navy is doing around the world today, about the Navy of tomorrow; and about his background and his decision to serve. He also addresses the opportunities for the young people of today in tomorrow's Navy.

Also, you'll see on Al's website that there's an earlier 2016 interview with VADM "Ted" Carter, the current Superintendent at the US Naval Academy.  VADM Carter is one of the most accomplished Naval aviators in Navy history, with over 2000 carrier landings in his log book.  Fascinating stories there, too, with a ton of great info on the Naval Academy, and his tour there as the "Supe".  (Al replayed that "chat" on Friday, Sept 29th, 2017.)

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